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Our Experience

Our experience as a Paralegal at Wabby & Wabby Law Firm guarantees you that you will receive personalized services. Our priority is to advise and guide clients to achieve the best resolution in their legal cases.

Personal injuries are like fingerprints – very similar but not identical. Each case can vary as they involve specific circumstances and other physical damages, some more severe than others.

Furthermore, a well-known saying, “the one who hits pays,” can create controversy or misunderstandings because it’s not always true. There are cases where there are collisions due to negligence from one car to another. The most well-known examples are exits from driveways or small streets without traffic control.

I’m Fabiola Mort, your bilingual Paralegal and Notary.

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Notary services in Los Angeles Servicios En Español

How we Works

About Your Case

We analyze your legal case, request, or dispute and create an individual profile for each situation. We have a specialized team that personally works in specific areas.


Following your requests

We provide personalized guidance with a dedicated team, guiding the process with frequent updates. Additionally, we oversee the operations of our teamwork.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our main goal is to ensure that our service during and at the end of the process is satisfactory. We work for your future daily, ensuring your satisfaction today.

How Do I Know Mort Legacy is Right For Me?

Our office was created and founded from the beginning to collaborate with the Latino community.

Fabiola is highly connected to the Hispanic market and focuses on providing the best service for them.

Paralegal solution specialists

Mort Legacy guides clients in legal services related to auto accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, insurance plans, and real estate services, and we offer options for the client to decide what is the best legal option to choose.

We are committed to offering guaranteed legal services, advice on auto accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, real estate, and insurance plans, all with 100% satisfaction, integrity, and honesty, where the client is our priority.

Working with BLVD

We take pride in working with BLVD Estate Properties, a renowned and prestigious firm located in the heart of Studio City, California.

Together, we seamlessly collaborate to provide our clients with the utmost in real estate excellence. With our combined expertise and extensive local knowledge, we deliver unparalleled service, helping buyers find their dream homes and assisting sellers in achieving top-tier results.

Our shared commitment to professionalism, innovation, and client satisfaction sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for all your real estate needs in Studio City.

Notary services in Los Angeles Servicios En Español

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