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Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can result in various legal issues that may require the services of a legal professional. In the event of an accident, it is crucial to seek the advice of an experienced attorney who can guide you in navigating the legal system and protecting your rights.

Slip & Fall Injuries

Our legal services can also assist with workers’ compensation claims for injuries sustained in the workplace due to hazardous conditions. The Mort Legacy team can help navigate the complex process of filing a claim and ensure that the injured worker receives the full benefits to which they are entitled.

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We have a team of highly trained professionals in different areas of law and real estate who are willing to provide our clients with the best advice and support.


Regarding our paralegal services, The Mort Legacy offers various advisory services and legal representation in multiple areas, such as labor, civil, commercial, and tax law. We focus on providing effective solutions to each case and need of our clients, always seeking to protect their interests and rights.

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